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Many of our rivers and dams in South Africa have become eutrophic. While travelling through the countryside we often see dams with an unnatural green colour. According to a well-known water scientist, Prof Anthony Turton, South Africa’s water quality is the biggest challenge and not our water quantity, although the water shortage is a serious [...]

Consumption of Low TDS and pH Water

Minerals 1. Misleading claims There are many misconceptions regarding water with a low mineral content. Certain companies bottling mineral water or selling filter systems are exploiting this lack of knowledge for their own benefit. Uninformed people are easily bluffed by reading the mineral content on a bottled water label. People often think that minerals in [...]

Hormones in Drinking Water

In the last century over 70 000 new manmade chemicals were synthesised and released into our environment without proper and adequate testing.  Recent studies and laboratory experiments within the science of endocrine disruption have revealed the frightening extent of the impact that many of these chemicals have on our health and environment when they disrupt […]