Our Water Bar was introduced when the need for purified water refills surfaced. Retail grocers were seeking an innovative solution to offer their clients who preferred to use their own water containers for refills at their favourite retail outlet.

Whether in a Spar, Woolworths, Fruit & Veg or any local convenient store, our Water Bar is designed to be installed anywhere. We provide the ideal solution for a store to offer their clients high quality on-site purified water for refilling. Though we prefer our Absolutely Water or Perfect Water branding on our products, we are able to custom brand your Water Bar to suit your particular needs.

Depending on our clients’ inlet water quality, pressure and quantity of purified water needed, we can supply the right purification systems to gratify your requirements.

The Perfect Water Bar sells at around: R 70 000.00 – R 120 000.00 (including VAT)

Unit Height: 220 cm
Unit Depth: 60 cm
Unit Width: 95 cm
Pump power: 0.3Kw / 220 Volt
  • Modern design
  • Drip tray
  • Complete pump with 10m cable and built in float switch to discard waste water
  • 20 Litre bucket for waste pump
  • Kick plate
  • Fibre glass back plate
  • Medical bib tap and extension piece CP 15mm x 75 (x2)
  • Front and side branding available
  • Optional: 3W blue LED 220 volt lights (x2) complete with fittings