Doulton Ceramic Filter with Housing

Do you want to safeguard your family form pathogenic parasites and bacteria? The Doulton Filter is your solution!  Get rid of parasites, bacteria and sediment the easy and effective way.

Absolutely Pure Water offers you the Doulton ceramic candle filter.  Doulton, the brand synonymous with top quality drinking water filters for 180 years is able to offer a compact and high-flow filtration solution for the home.

The Doulton Filter is designed to remove sediment, parasites and bacteria such as E.coli, Cholera, Shigella and Salmonella from water entering your home.  It comprises of 6 ceramic candle filters with a grading of 0,5 micron which fit into a 10 inch “Big Blue” housing.  It offers high flow of up to 2 000 litres per hour at 3 bar (43 psi) pressure.

The unit consists of the housing and filter.

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