The water supplied for refills and bottling is purified through reverse osmosis purification, ozonation and deionization processes and offers the cleanest, healthiest solution to drinking water.

The Perfect 6 Phase Process


Perfect Water employs The 6 Phase Process, the most advanced technology to purify drinking water, able to remove poisons like insecticides, herbicides, dioxin, endocrine disruptors and heavy metals, as well as pathogenic bacteria and viruses, resulting in clean, pure  drinking water.

Phase 1

Sand Filtration
Removes dirt, rust, sludge and other solids.

Phase 2

Activated Carbon Filtration
Removes organic chemical compounds such as agricultural pesticides, endocrine disruptive chemical (EDC’s), hormones, chlorine & more.

Phase 3

Element Filtration
Removes un-dissolved solids from water.

Phase 4

Reverse Osmosis
Involves a separation process that utilises a semi-permeable membrane to retain harmful salts on one side for rejection and allows the pure water to pass through for use.

Phase 5

The process by which remaining anions and cations are removed from water to turn water in pure H2O.

Phase 6

Kills bacteria and viruses, releases oxygen and sterilizes containers.