The Perfect Water Shop is by far in a league of its own with jealous competitors dying to also be part of our beautifully designed franchised business model.

State of the art design techniques were used in the design process and each Perfect Water Shop is identical in its common look & feel for that familiar customer experience when our customers visit other stores when on holiday or on a business trip in another town or city.

The Perfect Water Shop distributes prepared / purified bottled water to retail customers as well as businesses, restaurants, hotels & guesthouses. Water is sold in small 500ml containers as well as 1.5lt, 5lt, 10lt, 20lt and 25lt containers. Water refills is a primary focus and customers can refill their own containers on a daily basis. Apart from water sales, the Perfect Water Shop also sells water purification equipment and parts to customers and Perfect Water Agents who does installations of this equipment in customer’s homes. Water dispensers and filters are but a few more products sold by a Perfect Water Shop.

Other consumables will also become available to the Perfect Water Shop owner to sell and we are always on the lookout for innovative new products and services to offer our loyal customers.

We certainly have the credentials


Perfect Water‘s sister company and product import division, Absolutely Pure Water,  is registered with the International Water Quality Association.

Not many companies in South Africa carry this seal of authentication and certification and can be verified by visiting and searching for Absolutely Pure Water. Don’t be fooled by companies telling you or advertising that they carry this certification.

Perfect Water is a registered Member of FASA and is on par with all FASA requirements.

You can view our membership details on the FASA website by clicking here.


Perfect Water‘s zerO₃tds means you get the best quality water.  It refers to our unique process of combining purification and treatment technologies to get zero tds (total dissolved solids), rO₃ refers to Reverse Osmosis, but also Ozonation (unique tri- molecule structure – O₃) that sterilises not only the water, but also the containers that’s used for botteling as well as refilling.


Perfect Water employs The 6 Phase Process, the most advanced technology to purify drinking water, able to remove poisons like insecticides, herbicides, dioxin, endocrine disruptors and heavy metals, as well as pathogenic bacteria and viruses, resulting in clean, pure  drinking water.