stockxpertcom_id20241441_size1The concept of the Perfect Water Agent appeals to many because it is easy manageable, well designed, affordable and duplicatable. Quality of our service, effectiveness of our equipment and excellent products used, increase the appeal.

A Perfect Water Agent’s business can be described as the type of business that offers a variety of options to suite the investor’s needs, whether it be marketing, selling, distribution, presentation, training, service or just plain investment.

Our Perfect Water Agent marketing plan is as old as the Bible. It combines the effective use of relationships with good products and services. It is commonly referred to as word of mouth marketing but officially recognized as Direct Marketing. According to the DSA (Direct Selling Association of SA) some 700 000 people are involved in Referral and or Direct Marketing in SA.

The Perfect Water Agent marketing plan was developed with the following wealth secrets in mind.

  • Small Investment
  • Low Risk
  • High Success Potential

A Perfect Water Agent can be in business within a week for a small investment which includes training, marketing material and stock to retail and will function under a franchisee, normally from a home-based office.

The Perfect Water Agent package sells at around: R 20 000.00 – R 26 000.00 (including VAT)