Why Perfect Water? We are aggressively pursuing expansion and growth opportunities to extend its operations countrywide and into Africa.
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Perfect Water is aggressively pursuing expansion and growth opportunities to extend its operations countrywide and into Africa. It is in a position to offer investors a sound and tested formula for success, with an extensive and comprehensive training, back up, marketing, ongoing support, management & tracking system, countrywide.

Our support and warehousing infrastructure at head office is unmatched in the industry. Our team is well trained with experience in every field of business. A 15 year track-record, solid infrastructure, sound financial status, superior management & deal-making skills, friendly staff and many years of experience puts us at the top of our game. Perfect Water is unmatched in the market place with sole import right to the world renowned Pure Pro Product Range.

Financial projections reveal the opportunity for a sound return on investment. The opportunity is open for any individual from any walk of life that realizes that opportunities never come to those who wait but are captured by those who dare to attack. For the hard worker who wants to realize his or her dreams this opportunity offers just that. A Small investment, excellent products, superior support, full training and hard work will put you on the road to financial freedom.

Come visit our head office, warehouses, training facilities, marketing offices or one of our stores and come see for yourself. Once you’ve experienced Perfect Water you will be convinced that Perfect Water is truly in a league of its own and the right opportunity for the right time.

The Facts

  1. 15 year ‘track record’
  2. Debt Free Company
  3. Market Leader in Water Purification
  4. 86 Distribution points across the country
  5. 200 Plus Agents representing our brands
  6. 30 Water Shops opened under the new Perfect Water brand
  7. Represented in SA, Botswana, Swaziland, Namibia, en Zimbabwe
  8. 26 Full-time employees ready to serve our customers
  9. Sole importers of the well-known Pure Pro product range
  10. Own warehousing facilities
  11. Warehousing 9 months of stock with parts
  12. In-house service and repair centre
  13. In-house training facilities
  14. In-house laboratories for tests on water
  15. Registered trademarks
    • Perfect Water
    • Perfect Ice
    • Perfect Juice
    • Vida Water
  16. Registered FASA members
  17. Registered ‘Water Quality Association’ members
  18. Strong focus on health & wellness as a water business
  19. Strong marketing drive through expansion of footprint
  20. Strong drive towards trademark visibility through TV and Radio
  21. Strong focus on training of our franchisees and agents
  22. Vision of 100 opened branches by 2018
  23. 5 days a week service delivery to all our franchised branches
  24. Constant marketing & sales strategy development
  25. Working relationships with authorities
  26. Strong ‘web awareness’ (Google ranking)
  27. Fastest growing franchise in the water industry

We are the “Woolworths” of the water industry!

What sets us above the rest?

Our offering to the market is unmatched. Looking at the above you will battle to find a competitor in our league. We are genuinely in a league of our own.

  1. We offer a variety of purifiers, filters, water fountains, softeners and dispensers
  2. We carry all parts on these products with extensive warranties
  3. We can service almost any water purifier known in South Africa
  4. We can offer rental option to customers on our dispenser range
  5. We are able to offer maintenance contract to our clients
  6. We are equipped to test any water from any source
  7. We collaborate with authorities across the country
  8. We offer purified water to the public on a refill basis at competitive prices
  9. We supply bottled purified water in 330ml, 500ml, 1,5lt, 5lt, 10lt 20lt, and 25lt
  10. We supply ice from purified water under our Perfect Ice brand

Quite frankly, you will search long and hard to find an equivalent in our industry.